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Short fiction

Published Short Stories: Stories on this site:

How It Really Happened Independence Day doesn't depict how an alien invasion would really happen. This does. (100 Words)

Long Term Storage Humanity gambles on a survival strategy. (100 Words)

Hello, God? A police inspector has an interesting day. (100 Words)

No Present For Second Place Even alien invasions can be affected by seasons. (100 Words)

My First Cosplay NEW! How would an alien interpret Hallowe'en? (100 Words)

Forget Me Nots NEW! A countdown to destruction. (100 words)

Last Breath Day NEW! It's your typical love story: Boy meets girl, girl gets pregnant, aliens attack, everyone dies. You know, the usual stuff. (4000 words)

The Wind Wasn't Right Why is a deep space accident investigator being sent to interview a fry cook in Hong Kong? (500 words)

Sylvester Down Beyond the far side of the Moon, the luxury yacht Sylvester is being attacked by pirates. (2000 words)

Death vs Taxes Why is the IRS trying to interview the Grim Reaper? (1500 words)


Uncertainty Persists Heisenberg is having dreams about Schrödinger again (100 words)

The Devouring NEW! Something is eating our solar system. (100 words)

Hail to the Chiefs NEW! What if President of the USA was the last job you'd ever want? (100 Words)

Fortunate Waze Would you take life advice from your GPS? (100 words)

Shakespeare's Last Stand Is there dignity in death? (100 words)

Divine Knowledge That whole The Gods Must Be Crazy, 'advanced science is magic' thing. (100 words)

Stories that are currently out on submission:
  • The Maiden Voyage of Novyy Mir
  • Graceful Degradation


Full Length Novels

I write in many genres although you’ll notice that this list - which is only of novel- or novella-length stories, is dominated by science fiction. Please don’t typecast me!

At this point, it is good to note that nothing listed here has been published yet.

Tau Ceti & Sol

Tau Ceti and Sol are a matched pair, yin and yang in a series that I'm thinking of calling Quantum Traverse. Tau Ceti is currently sitting around 110,000 words, with a third act that is receiving a much-needed overhaul. Unfortunately, stories are intricate things, and such an overhaul will necessitate adjusting the first two acts as well.

Tau Ceti has evolved to an obscene degree. I started writing Tau Ceti in high school.  I swear, I could write an essay just about that story’s journey and what it’s taught me about the creative process. There's a bit more to the story here.

I'm really excited at the prospect of writing Sol once I've completed Tau Ceti. There’s a third story here too, possibly, called Laniakea, but I’m not sure I want to write it and the story, or elements of it, might just fold nicely into Sol. If that happens, I might use the name Laniakea for the series instead of Quantum Traverse. It doesn't have to be a trilogy, I don’t know why trilogies are so highly prized in the publishing industry. I blame Tolkien.


Hryka is perhaps my oldest story, one that I started writing while I was still in high school, and one that’s continued to evolve. When I explained it to one friend, she commented that perhaps I needed to age before i could write the final pieces. my characters at that point had grown beyond my age and experience. I've since caught up, and Hryka is getting dusted off and prepped for a good solid re-write and push out the door

Winds of Zephyr

I stumbled onto writing YA Science Fiction when I started re-working a short story idea into a long form novel. The Winds of Zephyr is that story, and it is also one of the very few times that I’ve written in the first person. I’ve always been against first-person narrative, as it takes an element of suspense from a story - specifically, will the protagonist live? Well, the narrator certainly will. It was only after re-reading S. E. Hinton’s The Outsiders as an adult that I realized that first-person narrative could be compelling and that I wanted to rise to that challenge.

Deacon Carver

Deacon Carver is such a good character name that I know I have to use it as a focus, even though in the initial draft of the series, he’s actually a minor character. Publishers have talked about the need for entry-point science fiction - stories that can introduce the concepts and tropes to a new audience and pave the way toward lifelong reading in the genre. I see this series as being in that niche. Depending upon how this seven-story arc evolves in the writing, it might or might not be YA.


Pilot is a story that has been sitting in my mind for a long time, almost as long as Hryka. It’s more in the style of James Blish’s Cities in Flight series that anything else. It also has hooks that tie into the Deacon Carver stories, if one wants to see them.

The Lebanon

The Lebanon is an amazing piece of historical fiction that I’m dying to tell. Unfortunately, I’m not a good enough writer yet. When I am, I’ll write it. It’ll be amazing - think Salmon Rushdie good - and you’ll enjoy it. I promise.

...and others

There are other stories in this brain of mine, among them, In Retrospect, which is a very tentative title for a real-world story about hindsight and wisdom that comes too late to save friendships.